The year 2010 was a starting point for A1T. We form a team with our business partners, sales representatives and marketers to reach our common goal.

Thank you for your trust, professional attitude and your decision.

Miroslav Hruška
Miroslav Sandanus

About Our Company

'I proudly and also humbly claim that our company A1T has reached all the priorities and major targets we had set. Let's be specific and direct. What our major priority has always been, is our business partners' satisfaction, strengthening their position at the pharmaceutical market and constant mutual growth. Our second priority was to become number one at the outsourcing market not only by the name A 1 Team, Ltd., but also by our position.

I am fully aware of the huge responsibility we have been given, as it has never been easy to be a leader. However, our results we are provided daily by the market are a fabulous feedback which shows our business team's high standard, 100% marketing service, effective communication, endeavour, creativity and self-development.

For me, the trust of our present and future business partners and our regional, marketing and sales department colleagues means a huge commitment and also motivation. To keep this trust, we will stick to our goals.

I wish us all a lot of success in personal and professional life, loads of good ideas and persistence in following our goals.'

Miroslav Hruška

'Brevity is the soul of wit And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes' (William Shakespeare, Hamlet)


A1 – Team Ltd.
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Miroslav Hruška, executive
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Miroslav Sandanus
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About Our Company

Our company A1 Team, Ltd. is a young outsourcing company, but our experience, mainly our managers' and sales top team's experience makes us confident and stabile at the pharmaceutical market. Our goal is to be a leader in what we do, that means to provide our business partners with top and professional representation at the pharmaceutical market and to offer steady services and professional approach to product presentation and building mutual business relationships.

Our experience proves that the keystone of success on sale lies in close cooperation between the marketing and sales departments. Within our service, we are able to analyze and suggest solutions which can maximize the efficiency of business activities and minimize the expenditures on advertising and marketing activities.

Our main goal and role jis to stabilize and strengthen the sales and marketing representation of our business partners and products. We want to expand via mutual cooperation, which naturally results in sales increase. Our priority is business based on very good relationships and full service, the highest quality of the service we provide as a matter of course.

The sales team of A1 Team, Ltd. meets the strictest criteria that enable reaching the highest aims and efficiency:

  • professionality
  • self-motivation
  • discipline
  • creativity

The sales team is led and managed by experienced managers and reports daily about its activities; what we also find significant are strongly motivated sales representatives and valuable trainings.

Our main goal and role is to develop sales and marketing support of particular represented products at the Slovak market, which is directly followed by sales increase. Our strategy is based on quality personal relationships and service, we are proud of the high quality of the services we provide.

Our sales team is highly motivated, which is directly connected with reaching the desired results and targets. Our sales representatives are managed by experienced managers and fully report on their activities, including confirmations of visits to pharmacies. Each order is entered into the system daily and ready to be dealt with.