Sales Services

We specialize in outsourcing representation by a sales team. That means a complex solution of operation and functional system of the sales team. Our role is to take responsibility for important HR agenda, training sales skills, Roman rhetoric, creative motivation of the sales team, coaching and passing on our own experience. Cooperating with our outsourcing company A1 Team, Ltd., your company will gain sales and marketing representation without increasing expenditures on personnel and administration. You will be relieved of buying cars, laptops, telephones, etc. You will be able to focus your attention and saved finances on the development of your company, products and marketing itself, which is so vital and efficient at the current competitive market.

Our sales team is highly motivated to maximum target performance, it passes a challenging and professional training and coaching and uses the most modern technology, which enables the whole team to work more efficiently and provide exact activity output.


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Miroslav Sandanus
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